About Us

Our Yesterday

Sirichai Fisheries Co.,Ltd. Is a business group growing from one of small family business in Samutsakorn province, known as the capital of marine fishery of Thailand.

After collective experience of being employed as
“ Fishing Master “ on stake trap, our founder turned to start running his own fishing business and became self-employed master in 1952. Meanwhile, his wife was a manager as well as running side line business ; raising ducks and salted fish 20 years later, it was handed over to second generation of the family in order to maintain and expand the business.

The fishing business was grown and extended to become industrialize business, such as; trawlers fleet operating in overseas waters, refrigerated reefer carriers , repairs workshop, cold storage, pier, etc.

Through almost 50 years, the growth and expansion of business significantly reflect our efficiency, productivity, and wide acceptance among both domestic and foreign customers. This does not mean that we will stop keeping to develop quality of products and services, efficiency of management , and maintain our front -rowed position in the regional fisheries.

Today, Sirichai Fisheries Co.,Ltd., is one of the strong and stable fisheries business group in Thailand, especially the fishing fleet which operated in overseas fishing grounds under corporation and joint venture with partners in Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

We are willing to expand business steadily in the future ; increasing number of ships with responsible fishing practice, extending fishing ground widely, creating efficient teamwork.

Thus, we are always ready to face against the challenge of dynamic world in the future ahead as our motto “ We Fish For Food And Future “

Our Vision

"Stay ahead and be with sustainable fisheries."

  • Search and utilize the marine resource and other resources under responsible manner for the maximized benefit of mankind.
  • Deliver the quality products and services with fair price.
  • Modify the best skill of personnel with quality raw material and efficiency machinery in order to meet with the requirement and satisfaction of the customer.
  • Stay in the front row of fisheries business on this dynamic world.

Our Activities

Main Business

  • Fishing in the EEZ of other countries under licenses and joint venture
  • Marketing of fisheries products

Supporting Business

  • Transport the marine products by refrigerated trucks and international reefer carriers
  • Cold storage
  • Fish landing pier and fish handling
  • Workshop for boats and engine repairs
  • Supply activities such as offshore bunkering, provision delivery
  • Etc.

Other Business

  • Seafood restaurant
  • Real estate development
  • Animal feed
  • Etc.

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  • Education center for kindergarten, primary and post graduate level
  • Community education
  • Fisheries museum
  • Etc.